Cheese and Cake (Poem)

Restlessly and unaware
Wondering adrift

Await a dream that won’t soon come
Into Apocalypse

Chasing after cheese and cake
Forgetting all we are

Take a slice and chuck it down
Then yearn for more and more

Ask not what you can do for peace
For peace is not in you

The only piece you know
Stems from your wretched point of view

You aim for fame
You shoot for glory
You take the cake and run

Nothing really matters
As long as all is won

But if all is one
Then it’s all or none

You win
You lose
You try
You’re done

Your cheese old
And it smells like ass

You take a slice
I take a pass

My aim is not your point of view
My peace will make a fool of you

So take your cheese and cake and run
The party’s over
Get Gone

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