Crocodile Tears (Poem)

Crocodile tears feed the trepid flood
As the devil beats his wife

The scorched Earth’s pleas are a pie in the sky
As she clings for her dear life

Listen to me Now (Lyrics)

Listen to me now
Come together
Gather round
Come on people
Take my hand

Crucify Me (Lyrics)

Seems like a foreign land
Feels like I’m suffocating
When I can’t kneel down

Evolution (Poem)

God created man
As the most resilient race
But the angel of darkness entered our minds
And we fell from the purest grace

Authority (Poem)

Authority is like a pusstulating zit
Waiting to explode
Starts off as an infection just under the skin
Then grows in size like the penal code

Cheese and Cake (Poem)

Restlessly and unaware
Wondering adrift
Await a dream that won’t soon come
Into Apocalypse

Out on a Limb (Lyrics)

If I die before I fly
Pray my wings will remain in your soul
All I ever wanted was to stand by your side
End all your battles and fill your hole