Commander of Parables (Scripture)

These are the words of He who is the first and the last, the alpha and the omega, the Holy Redeemer of Israel, God of all the Living. The message proclaimed since the beginning, in the garden of wisdom that bears the fruit of peace and prosperity until the end of times. The Word spoken among the prophets to direct the children of the Living God, to teach them how to prosper and guide them through the sacred path…

My people, hear my teaching:

Hear the words that are coming out of my mouth. I am the Commander of Parables, of things that are unknown to those who delight in wickedness. A jewel hidden in the desert is my Kingdom, the Kingdom of Paradise that reigns forever.

“Go forth and bear fruit,” was my commandment since the beginning. Fruitful are all who delight in the study of the secret ways of the Most High. Explore the wisdom of the ancients, occupy your time with prophesies, seek out the hidden meanings of proverbs, and busy yourselves with the enigma of my parables. Do all these things in accordance with love, and you will know the truth that sets you free.

Pleased am I, YHWH, God Almighty, with all who fill their cups with the spirit of understanding. Pour forth words of wisdom, and in prayer give praise to my Name. I will direct your knowledge, and counsel you as you meditate upon my mysteries. I will show you the wisdom and glory in the law of my covenant. Many will praise your understanding, and your name will never be blotted out.

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