Aware of the Pharaoh (Lyrics)

I won’t go on forgetting
Countin my loss for loss

I’m on the ball for cynics
Tell em go on forget it

I take the hate inside my better side 
And renovate it

Gut out the cold inside
And fill it up with “there I said it”

I’m not one
to strike a match
in light of what you say

I turn your head around
to see the sight of where I stand

And when you see the sign
surpass you in a blast of menace

Don’t close your eyes bitch
Your suprise is only half the script

That’s right, That’s right
Let’s set aside the circus act is you

Don’t clown around
The set is on

Cuz I’m aware of the Pharaoh
Warring against all the world

And I’ve had it so we’re at it again

Where is the hero
Holding the answer

Hope he don’t fail
On the road is a sand storm

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