To be Inspired (Poem)

There is nothing more revolting
Nothing more undesiring
There is nothing more detestable
Than the inspiration of the uninspiring

So I urge you to be desired
To be evermore admired
I urge to be a mentor
To inspire the uninspired

There is nothing more pathetic
Nothing more unempathetic
There is nothing more unfortunate
Than the apathy of the apathetic

So I advise you to be pragmatic
To be evermore ecstatic
I advise to be energetic
To enthuse the apathetic

And when the day is over
And night is drawing near

Just look up at the sky
And remember you’re still here

Remember in your presence
The darkness holds no ground

You are light
And the light of day
Can break the darkness down

For the light of day is a beacon
Of hope and peace to come

And the darkness is a passing cloud
That fades like a beating drum


  1. the light of day is full of hope!

    Liked by 1 person

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