This is Insanity (Lyrics)

You think you’re hot
You sound just like a dope slanger

Low down
Played out
Just like a dope slanger

You talk your shit
You never quit
You think you’re so legit

You always lie
You never try
Your answers don’t comply

Buyer beware
We’re in despair
But he don’t even care

We cop a plea
But Garanteed
Our freedom won’t proceed

Your sixes three
Won’t set us free

You think you’re cool
But Man
You look just like and old fool

News flash
Bound to crash
Just like an old fool

You stash your cash
You hoard your trash
You like the mishmash

Your eyes are blind
Can’t walk the line
Can’t hear me rain or shine

Your old time school is such a drool
And it’s my time to rule

Your era’s through
And so are you
And this is my review

Your old decree is killing WE

You think you’re slick
But Man
You act just like a dictator

Ruling with fear
Commanding a cheer
Just like a dictator

What don’t you think you know?
You’re fooling the crowd
You’re banking the dough

You sleep and you breath disorder
You want us to bake it for ya

You want it you take it down
We lose it you claim the crown

You break and you buy
You fix it then sell it too

You sin without shame
There’s no telling who’s to blame

We’re fixing to cease to be

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