T-Minus Countdown (Poem)

T- Minus Countdown
All ya’ll bitches is going down

Take me?
Can’t take my crown
Mocking birds can’t mock when their ears are bound

A crown of wisdom is the only wealth I know
A veil of deceit is the only wealth you sow

The wisdom of the wise won’t see a better day
The wealth of the wealthy will wither away

Babylon will soon fall upon the Earth like a comet
Soothsayers will sway like a dog returns to its vomit

Rapists and murderers and pagans alike
Gathered in darkness
Cast out by The Light

Take not a robe, nor a gift, nor a jewel
All who take will be taken
Remembered a fool

What wisdom is wise in a world of deceit?
What truth do you know?
Which god do you seek?

The god of the present age is the god of all hell
Manipulation befalls upon the Earth like a spell

All who live as a fool will prove false in the end

T-Minus Countdown
Let the game begin

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