Reality Check (Poem)

They hide behind curtains
Rehearsing lines as though their minds can’t comprehend
Their reality

Stark contrast to the one who knows reality
and sees it as a higher force

The one who refuses to rest his mind
Until the beginning of the seventh course

The one who is and will always be
The true definition of reality

What is reality in a world of hapless games?
When you game for a role
then a role is what you play

But when you play a role
then you become the role

And your reality
is just another show

You play for what you show
You show for what you play

And when the day is over
You don’t mean what you say

What you see ain’t what you get
And what you get is all the same

Same old, same old, same old
Reading from the lame

You memorize to mesmorize
And you do it very well

But reality will soon check in
To break your weary spell

Reality trumps insanity
And nothing trumps your fall

So I’ll see to that
And I’ll get you back
Better believe I got the gall

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