Destitution (Poem)

Eyes on the prize
A raptor glides through the whispering breeze

Claws stretched out
Wings painting a picturesque moment in the clouds

Reality Check (Poem)

They hide behind curtains
Rehearsing lines as though their minds can’t comprehend
Their reality

Out of Fantasies (Poem)

He gave us Paradise
We gave it up for lies
He told us to be fruitful
We sowed the seeds of hell

This is Insanity (Lyrics)

You think you’re hot
You sound just like a dope slanger
Low down
Played out
Just like a dope slanger

T-Minus Countdown (Poem)

T- Minus Countdown All ya’ll bitches is going down Take me? Can’t take my crown Mocking birds can’t mock when their ears are bound

From Babylon to Zion (Poem)

From Babylon to Zion
To Babylon and back again
Break from all your suffering
Then turn around and fall again