Self-Righteous Bliss (Poem)

Hypocrites, pharasies, zealots, and liars
All held steadfast to fulfill your desires

Take what you want
Want what ain’t true
Never break bread when there’s nothing for you

Accuse me of treason?
What wrong have I done?

I appeal to Ceasar
But to whom does Ceasar belong?

The Devil betrayeth
All lies have come forth
Yet Ceasar is held by the trite of the false

Why is it so hard for you to kick against the goads?
Wars start with battles
And battles with stones

As Saul turned to Paul
A witness for all

Then betrayed by his old déjà vu
All absolved

Am I out of my mind?
Do I speak the sober truth?

What fault do I rue?
What crime do you sleuth?

I pray by the grace of God that not only you
But all who hear me
And love what is true

To all who see ALL at the end of days
Will become as I AM
Except for these chains

If you were me
And I were you
Then we’d both know what the other would do

But since you are you
And I AM me
Neither one can say what the other should be

So do as you will
Sink in remiss

And wither away in your self-righteous bliss

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