Cereal Killa (Lyrics)

Think you’re a hard rock
But you’re just a fruity pebble
Don’t mistake your machine for a rebel…

Phone the threat
I’m the cereal killer

Fear is back
And there ain’t no realler

Sing the same song
Just put a coat of armor on

Think tank
is a sink anchor
So I’m a

Pops your trix like it ain’t no thang

Kix your box tops
And give em to the hard knocks

Silly rabbit stop trickin them kids
Bumpin that cane like a fiend on the six train

Sellin out
Cuz you’re caught up in a box

Just like a bag of rocks

No sale?
Just bump that commercial

Never get just what is in it
Cuz you won’t tell

Kid tested
A for Apple J for Jacks

Hateful awful cookie crooks

Hold tight
The snap crackle gon pop

Lose sight
Cuz you coo coo coco puffs

Hook em young
And one day every mother will approve

On nuttin honey
Buy you lose

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