WordPress Stop Jacken My Swag

This is the fifth time this week your editor chopped my rhymes when I posted… Damn… Put yer big kid pants on…

Cereal Killa (Lyrics)

Phone the threat
I’m the cereal killa

Fear is back
And there ain’t no realler
Sing the same song
Just put a coat of armor on
Think tank
is a sink anchor

Self-Righteous Bliss (Poem)

Hypocrites, pharasies, zealots, and liars
All held steadfast to fulfill your desires
Take what you want
Want what ain’t true
Never break bread when there’s nothing for you

Shadow People (Poem)

I took the 4 train
from Manhattan
Down to Brooklyn
There and back
I saw the shadow people all around me

Got No Personlity (Lyrics)

Don’t understand
So I don’t get involved

Dressin is impression
I’m fit to show
Off in a giddy
Better get me on

Front page of news
Sellin ’do that ya’ll’