So We Meet Again (Poem)

You liar, You traitor, You pagan, You fraud
Coldhearted ghoul
Shameless facade

Since the beginning you reveled in gain
Rogue til the end
So we meet again

How far will you go to settle your goal?
What is the prize at the end of your lies?

Why can’t you see you are nothing to see?
When will you know what you refuse to show?

I’d rather die a million harsh deaths
Than to kneel in your presence
Or breaks bread for your debts

I once was blind
But now I see
You’re the deuce of lies and blasphemy

You talk a good game phony
But your game is jive

You set the stage when you rolled up
Then you took a dive

Waguan Motherfucker?
Toodaloo my bitch
Top of the world means bottom of the list

Go on wit your bad self
I’ll take it on the chin

At the end of your rail
So we meet again…

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