Battle of the Title (Lyrics)

I’m not the one
You’re the one who’s gonna stick it to ya

I’m just the one who’s gonna
Wet it, set it, get it through ya

I’m not the only one
Who sees into your Arctic Soul

You rain control
But it’s the battle of the title so

I’ll take a crack
I’ll game you then I’ll set you back

A few Millenia
I’ll set it so hard you won’t get it til I’m gone

What’s with it with you?
I’m on the rise

I get it
You’ll get it too

I’ll give it to you
But that’s not to say you want what I got to do

What you gotta do?
What you got in you?

Want what you want but it’s not what you hold as true

Done taking this stress
Won’t take it on my arm while you’re making this mess

I’m on the rise
When I say what I say better say it’s no surprise

Won’t be too long
When I sing my song you better sing along

Cuz it’s the
Battle of The Title
The Reign of The Beast

The fight for the saddle

Which one would you rather see?
Which zone would you rather be?
Song would you rather sing?

Let truth be told

You want to escape
But you hate what you never did know

Let truth be told
Let truth be bold

I’m taking it baaaaack

Are you all aboard?
Would you rather be that?

The one who just walked up off the plank
Eyes wide shut
No one to thank

But the one who just opened up our eyes
Cleared the barrel of your lies

Stick to the goal
Throw up your hands
Shit in your eye if you fail to comply

HaHa HaHa HaHa HaHaaaw!

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