The Wayfarers (Scripture)

We are but passengers on the cruise ship of time. The wind never stops, and the promise of new storms never fade. As we drift the uncharted, the watchers stop watching, one by one. Eating and drinking, marrying and being given into marriage, groping for all the futile merriments that pervert due diligence.

Those who sit on the deck mock the wayfarers as they cry out in desperation:

“How can the watchers watch? They have eyes but cannot see. They are all mute dogs that cannot bark. They sing the songs of drunkards; reciting proverbs as they stagger around in vomit. They lie around and dream the dreams of derelicts, they love to sleep.”

As the mockers delight in mockery, hating knowledge, indulging in their simple ways; the wayfarers begin to prophecy, together two by two:

“A mighty storm will arise from the ends of the Earth; a storm that bursts out in wrath. A whirlwind will swirl down on the heads of the wicked, snatching them up. As they cry out in terror, “God help us,” a current will drive them before the wind and toss them about. Lightning and hail, snow and clouds, stormy winds will stretch out and do the great bidding.

And as the storm is stilled to a whisper and the waves of the sea are hushed; the derelicts will be washed away. All who sought refuge from the storm will survive. Camaraderie, joy and righteousness will pervade. And love of truth will become the powerful cement that binds humanity for the rest of eternity.”

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