The Beast That’s Inside (Poem)

When I look in your eyes
I see the beast that’s inside

Full of hate
Full of pride

Seems innate
So outside

But I know
That you’re a beast cuz you’re a slave on a leash

Lashing out in blind rage
Got no rights?
Turn the page

To a new chapter
The hereafter
The days that bring new laughter

The songs that we sing
When we search our hearts for a new dream

A new team
A new scheme
We can take it over in full swing

Don’t niggle, quibble, squabble
When you know you’re stuck in a hobble


You know that you wrong
When you lay your shit out to hang

So when you look back at your life
Just remember it’s you that’s to blame

So you can take your lies and your game
And you can take that shit that you claim

And you can take it up to your head
And you can take it down to your grave

Just remember it’s me that is free
And remember it’s you that’s a slave

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