Step One: The Maze Runner (Twelve Steps)

Truth is often subjectively objective. As oxymoronic as it may seem, reaching the full realization of one’s own truth is like gathering a harvest from the outcroppings of a maze full of twisted turns, entangled snares, and exhaustive dead ends. The outer appearance of such a maze may seem resilient and full of potential. As the maze begins to wither regardless of the amount of care it receives, onlookers may frown upon its appearance, scoff the caretaker, and write off the maze as a lost cause.

The maze runner is the only one who truly comprehends the ails that the maze perturbs. Upon years of ensuant battles, the maze runner may appear to be maladjusted to life, in full flight from reality, mentally defective, inherently befogged. Unable to find a way out, the runner may succumb to an abysmal state of hopelessness through which the only perceived solution is death.

And as the maze runner toils in misery with every wrong move, a new phenomenon manifests in the annals of misfortune; the phenomenon of choice between life and death. Faced with the only undeniable truth the runner has ever known, the runner chooses life. No longer able to continue making the same mistakes, the runner does something profoundly spontaneous…

And a new life, paved through suggestion, begins to align…

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