Fires Dont Start on Their Own (Poem)

I heard the voice of a wild dove fly
I saw the peace of the wedding bells ring
I locked eyes with a wolf in disguise
I took heed of the fouls I’ve seen
It’s no wonder that tides are blue
There’s no question that the grass is green

Hommage to The White Man (Poem)

I‘ve been crying my whole life About the pain that you’ve caused And I’ve been waiting a long time To testify against these walls And now that I’m on I’m about to go off I’m gonna break you bitch You don’t wanna face off

Deleted (Poem)

The invasion of the caucasion is the equation of a crash
The equation of desperation is the evasion of a blast
The ridicule along the way is just a mask to hide your hate

Timeless (Lyrics)

I don’t need a watch
Cuz I’m timeless

I’m worth the money spent
And not a dime less
The time is
The time is what?

Oh I forgot
Your time is up

Reaching (Lyrics)

Fooling around
Reaching for

Sands of time
Can’t stand still

You’re taking a bow before the curtain call
Waging battles
Losing wars

Scorched Earth (Poem)

I came in through the back door
Don’t know how I got there
A dream within a curse
The land of milk and honey