Acting like a Newborn (Poem)

It’s not hard to see
Why I can’t get my way

Why my pleas end in silence
Why my words spawn disgrace

My whole world is a maze
When I’m acting like a newborn

When I can’t find my way
Cuz I need more than I can take

I don’t want to grow up
I’m a booze it up kid
There’s a million things that I can do than clean my own shit

I can wallow in my pillow
As I suckle on my jug

I can snuggle in my blanket
Then drag it through the mud

I can throw my baby tantrums
Run off and kick some rocks

Stew in my resentments
Make my pampers hot

I can get everyone to do for me what I refuse to do for myself

Cuz if they don’t
then I’ll give up on life
Wee wee waa waa woo

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