Acceptance (Twelve Steps)

Perception can excruciate your best of days and rectify your worst. When your spirit is dry as kindling, any flicker of a spark can blow up your life and send you fleeing from the house you filled with tumbleweeds and briars.

Acceptance does not mean you must accept that you will forever live in the misery your life has become. Just as a baby uses many props to learn how to walk, acceptance is the prop that allows us to realize things are going the way they are for a reason. And with this basic yet profound revelation we take a giant leap toward turning our lives over to something greater than we ever imagined our lives would become.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. But if nothing changes except your your perception, everything changes. Your woes become your strength, your trials become your triumphs, your pain becomes your saving grace. When nothing in your life seems to go your way, you know that all you need to do is be still, and the next right thing will come to you.

The higher power screams through your pain, wallows in your sorrow, and manifests at every gathering in the fellowship of love. For the pain is what brings us to our knees, the sorrow is what compels us to seek something greater, and the love is what binds us in union with acceptance of the way things are.

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