Genesis (Poem)

Dedicated to my sister in recovery, Genesis…

The book of genesis is full of hard won battles
Successes and failures
Trials that persist until the end of times

The road to recovery is like the exodus to the land of milk and honey 
Only those who persist in doing what is right can make it to the promised land

But when we reject that thing called love
And degrade ourselves and others

We become willing slaves
Exiles in the land of the lost and depraved

Cast out into the wilderness
An abode of temptation
Everywhere we go is everywhere we are

No defense against the wiles of the devil

He tells us we’re not worthy
But he’ll give us what we need

Nobody loves is like he do
His love will set us free

Much like an abusive lover
He claims we can’t live without him

And much like the abused
We keep running back
And time again

But when Lord?
When will it end?

Only you can say when it’s over
Only you can right your wrongs

Only you can straighten your crooked path
Only you can stray from the dark

So put on your coat of armor
Seek love with all your heart

Sharpen up your two-edged sword
And fight the holy war

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