Jeanie’s Bottle (Poem)

Dedicated to my sister in recovery, Jeanette…

It was cool at first
A place I could go to relax

Refuge from those hectic days
Escape from all my plans

I don’t know where it went wrong
Trapped inside my Jeanie’s bottle

My wishes became by tragedy
My gifts became my curse

I let the bottle consume me
I forgot how to get back out

I told myself I was doing just fine
As I forgot what I was about

If I could have one more wish
One more chance to make it right

I won’t mess it up this time
I will fight to save my life

If I could have one more wish
I’d wish for one more chance

One more chance to love myself
To give my love and get love back

If only that wish came true
How loud the bells will ring

Rejoicing in my coming home
Oh hark the angels sing

I thank God I fell in this bottle
Because if I didn’t I’d never know

How much it hurts to lose myself
Or live in a body that I don’t know

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