Going Back to Rehab

I moved back to NYC from CT a year ago. I wanted to go to rehab when I first came back but it wasn’t in the cards. My brain has been running on empty for years now and I can’t take it anymore. Something’s gotta give.

The last rehab I went to was the worst. It doubled as a homeless shelter and everything about it was awful. The staff gossipped. The food looked and tasted like it was donated to the homeless shelter then served as leftovers to the rehab. The curriculum seemed as if they rolled out of bed each morning, and picked the first thing they could rummage out the garbage to repeatedly regurgitate in group. The only thing I learned there were war stories from my fellow addicts.

This time I’m going to put some thought into the rehab I go to. I think it’s best to find a strictly mental health rehab. The last thing I need right now is to sit there and listen to tales of prostitution and shooting up crack mixed with Koolaid.

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