WordPress editor sucks

I’m super annoyed right now. I don’t know what the Block Editor is for anyway. I suppose it’s for the fancy layouts, but it does me no good when I’m trying to post from a phone and can’t do Shift Enter to create the next line. So I use the Classic Editor which shows up as just a bunch of words on the reader. And then there’s all this weird shit that happens when each device has a different version that I must discard. And then something keeps happening to where my drafts get posted. It’s super annoying…

WordPress get your act together…


  1. I’ve stayed with the Classic Editor too – I’m too old to start learning something new! I move between MacBook Air and iPad for my posts but don’t get any problems with versions not syncing – could be your settings need checking?


    • What settings are you referring to? Do your drafts ever get published? A draft got published twice a few days ago. I thought I unpublished it but it was still published when I checked just now. I need to fix my site. There are so many things that need fixing. I just have no time.

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      • I actually meant the settings for publishing posts but it sounds as though you have a wider issue. I’ve never had a draft posted, though I did once get a post on which WP claimed I’d posted it eighteen hours before I did. That took it way down the reader! For that ‘unpublished but still there’ post the best advice I can give is to copy and paste all of the text into a new post, publish that one and then just delete the earlier one. That’s what I’ve done when I’ve accidentally hit ‘publish’ instead of ‘save draft’ while working on a post, and it works fine. Good luck with sorting it all out 🤞


      • But what about posting with the Classic Editor? It keeps coming up as just a bunch of words on the reader. I am mostly a poet on WordPress. I do post other things but when I post poems on the Classic Editor it often comes up as just a bunch of words on the Reader. It looks like a poem on my site but on the read it doesn’t show where the next line is.

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      • Not being a poet, I don’t think I could help with that, sorry. I sometimes get that with text paragraphs not behaving as they should, but have no idea why it happens. Sorry I can’t help – I’m guessing WordPress support aren’t much use either?


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