WordPress editor sucks

I’m super annoyed right now. I don’t know what the Block Editor is for anyway. I suppose it’s for the fancy layouts, but it does me no good when I’m trying to post from a phone and can’t do Shift Enter to create the next line. So I use the Classic Editor which shows up […]

Jesus Was (Poem)

Jesus was a send to all
A lighter up
A friend to foe
A treasure in a world so poor
A leader when the fallen call

Be Fruitful (Poem)

The Earth is not ours to destroy
We are but servants and we must employ
Our presence before God must not be in vain
For all that is fruitful will always remain

My Rhymez

Sigh… I’ve been looking through my old rhymez I wrote back in the day when I was all messed up in the head. I have no words. Half of them don’t make any sense whatsoever. What the… I’m speechless… I just… I can’t…