Embrace Your Misery (Poem)

Embrace your misery
For it won’t last long
These are the days when the fools die young

Long gone be the days when the young die good
Long off the shelf
when we understood

Misery won’t make one do what he should
But it’s good to know
how we built the hood

You see
Learn a lesson from time to time

Search your heart
Share your mind

All the world is full of pain
And when you share your heart
You ease the stain

Never live it for all that you have
Hell out on the streets is more than a fad

It’s the junta of an unspoken rule
The sing a song era of the token fool

All you bear is good to know
Write it down
Fuel the show

Muse your woes
Love your pain

Bleed your heart
Find your way

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