Thief in the Night (Poem)

Just as it happened in the days of Noah
So shall it happen now

The Son of Man will harvest souls
Like a reaper on a plow

Satan’s seed will perish
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

But Yahuwah’s seed will live in peace
Forever and ever, in God we trust

I beg of you
Please, hear me now
Oh children of the dark

Remember these words
Remember the day when Noah was saved by the ark

Remember the God who loves you
Remember the warnings he made

Remember our Lord
Remember His love and the tall price that He paid

For the light of day cannot be burdened
By the darkness of the night

And the dark of night cannot withstand
The coming of the light

Remain alert and sober
And keep the prize in sight

For those who do their drinking and sleeping
They do these things at night

But children of the day
Adore all that is of the light

With love and faith as their two-edged sword
And salvation as their shield

The Son of Man will shed His grace
As He plows across the field

The children of the Son of Man
Will survive the day unhurt

But the weeds of darkness will be taken up
And buried in the dirt

I beg of you
Please, hear me now
Oh children of the night

Remember to cherish your very being
Pick yourselves up and step into the light

Embrace all that is God’s creation
Stand up and vanquish your plight

Before the world begins to crumble
Before the Earth starts to shake

Before man begins to stumble
Before the globe starts to bake

Before there is nothing left that you can do
To make it all seem right

Before That Day comes upon you
Like a thief in the night

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