Happy Thanksgiving All You Christian Hypocrites

Let us begin this tirade against the blasphemous harlot that Christianity has become with a moment of silence to remember the genocidal history behind Thanksgiving. Let us also take a moment to reflect on the millions of turkeys that were slaughtered, minus the one that was ‘pardoned,’ and the tons of waste that will soon enter the landfills and waterways.

The things Christians do for the sake of their traditions. Nullifying The Word so they can stuff their faces and indulge in idolatry. Then they go around professing that the sheer belief in Christ will somehow save them from their sins. Meanwhile, they literally pile their sins into landfills, rivers and the ocean then fight over who’s going to clean it up.

If Christians truly believed in Christ their King, they wouldn’t need to clean up their mess because they would have been saved from their ‘sins’ by not indulging in consumerism (idalotry). But they refuse the truth that sets them free, and rather use The Word as some sort of feel-good fairytale that provides comfort in knowing that no matter what they do, they are forgiven and that they are better than everyone else because they are saved.

Traditions in Scripture were mostly based on fasting and humility. The only feasts that were mentioned were more of a communal practice based on the principles of fellowship, and using their resources to feed the people in the least distructive manner.

Paradise Earth is not meant to be destroyed. If Christians continue to destroy Paradise for the sake of their traditions, nothing, not even their alleged belief in Christ will save them from their sins.

The Spirit does not forgive.

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