I’m gonna fuck you up

I’m gonna make you scream My Name

No matter where you are

I’m gonna find you

In your grave


  1. Very revengeful. Good stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I Am
    I have spoken
    I have arrived

    You see me
    I see through you
    I Am alright

    I suppose I Am what gets me through the night

    But I Am what I Am
    I Am more than sight


  3. Crickets… What? You didn’t get it?


  4. Why? You think WordPress is stalking you? I promise the ones who are truly stalking you are the ones who can hack any conversation. Haven’t you seen Snowden?


  5. These MotherFuckerz have prolly been getting their rocks off on my conversations for years… HELLO MOTHERFUCKERZ…


  6. Abusive language? Who am I abusing? If someone is fucking their Mother… What would you call it?


  7. Your email is hacked everyday, and so is everything else. Sorry to break it to you Brother…


  8. Dreams do blow like a bubble
    Only to be burst by tragedy

    Winds blow in the breeze
    Hurried by the storm

    Tears so puzzedly


  9. Good work my friend
    I LOVE it

    Liked by 1 person

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