I’m gonna fuck you up

I’m gonna make you scream My Name

No matter where you are

I’m gonna find you

In your grave


  1. Very revengeful. Good stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I Am
    I have spoken
    I have arrived

    You see me
    I see through you
    I Am alright

    I suppose I Am what gets me through the night

    But I Am what I Am
    I Am more than sight


  3. What? Share your email id


  4. My wordpress has been hacked in past. So i am always afraid


  5. Request you to not use abusive language.


  6. True. Maybe. Lets be back to poetry. Can you add dream sequence to sadness??


  7. Dreams do blow like a bubble
    Only to be burst by tragedy

    Winds blow in the breeze
    Hurried by the storm

    Tears so puzzedly


  8. Thanks for appreciating


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