The Second Coming (Poem)

I summon the Prophets, the Kings, and the Saints
I summon the meek, the wise, and the lame

I summon you all to remember who you are
I summon you to preach the Second Coming near and far

For you are the Truth, the Way and the Light
The Messiah is in you, and you are The Messiah

He is the head of The Truth you know
The Light that shines on The Way to go

The Word that coddled you since the beginning
And the Promise that will greet you in the end

You are the hands that work the fields
Prune the vineyards
Stock the shelves

The legs that stand through pangs of wrath
The feet that walk the narrow path

The body that nourishes every soul
The blood that cleanses the sins of foe

The Second Coming is not a ruse
It’s what you get when you pay your dues

And turn your backs on the sins of the ages
And clear the path for The King of The Day

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