The Boomerang is Coming (Poem)

Judgment Day is near for all the godless nations
As you have done, so it will be done to you

The boomerang is coming to pillage your coup

Just as they partied on God’s holy mountain
All the godless nations will drink the wrath of God

They’ll drink and drink and drink
They’ll drink themselves to death

All hail Mount Zion
A safe and holy place

Woe the land of Israel
The End of Times is near

The end of business as usual
The verdict is already in

See those men shoveling day after day?
Bulldozing villages
Concealing their man-trap with empty words and broken treaties

Go back and look again
You’ll see them headfirst in it
Legs waving in the breeze

Mischief backfires
Violence boomerangs
You can spot a fool by the lumps on his head

Can Misrule have anything in common with God?
Can Troublemaker pretend to be on His side?

They ganged up on good people
Plotted behind the backs of the innocent

Let their God-taunts boomerang and knock them flat
Boomerang their ridicule back on their heads

Don’t forgive their iniquity
Don’t wipe away their sin

They’ve insulted the builders
Woe in the end

They claim to be the chosen
Yet they’re the evil ones

They piled their sins high
As they deceived all the nations

Predators on the prowl
Their specialty is greed

They rule the throne of ignorance
As they exploit the needy

Topheth is piping hot
Where every torment burns

All hail the End of Times
When the boomerang returns

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