True Christians are Anarcho-Communists and I am going to prove it.

It’s been a year since I left Connecticut after getting kicked out of the sober house. I’ve made a lot of progress in terms of reclaiming my mental stability, but I still have more work to do.

While I was In my addiction I had so much I wanted to prove. But all I could do was get drunk, word vomit on Twatter, and complain complain complain about this world full of morons. Meanwhile, if I wasn’t being such a moron I might have been able to prove my point. I rather chose to get mad every time some idiot regurgitated the lies they were fed, and I would use that as an excuse to get drunk and act a fool. It was a sicknesss.

One of the many things I have been saying for well over a decade that I will prove is the undeniable Truth that Scriptures were an Anarcho-Communist movement and that modern Christians are the antichrists (instead of Christ) who were Prophesied to distort the Truth until the end of days when this wicked system would come crashing down on them thus proving once and for all the Truth that sets us free…

I’m not going to go into detail about this Truth I have come to know. For now, I will simply summarise my findings and let the reader figure it out.

The main thing one must always keep in mind when reading Scripture is that the Prophesy is consistent from beginning to end. If one part is metaphor, then everything that is not realistic is also metaphor. The real Jews used the stories of their enemies as metaphorical Prophesies. They did this because the Scriptures were sent out as a curse to destroy the thieves and liars in the end of days. Their enemies would never have stolen the Scriptures if the Jews had spoken plainly.

When the real Jews asked YHWH for a king, YHWH warned them that if he gave them a king they would be cursed to suffer the failings of the kings. After the kings proved themselves to be useless, The Messiah was sent forth to be King for all times. If Christians were doing what their King told them to do they wouldn’t need to participate in the politics of the gentile system because they would be solving their own problems. You can’t have two masters don’t ya know?

The entire Bible wreaks of anarcho-communist ideology. Anybody who has read anarcho-communist literature can identify with the struggle that persisted throughout Scripture. Many will refuse to believe it because this wicked system is all they know. But the Truth will destroy this system regardless of how hard-headed the sheeple choose to be.

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