The World is Full of Bums (Poem)

Filthy bums
Worthless incompetent swine

Didn’t yo Mamas ever tell you not to shit where you eat?

Ohhhh I can’t take it
I’m going out of my mind

The whole world is full of bums
Lazy fucks of every kind

Fighting over boxes
Doing their dirt in the voting line

They eat the scraps tossed off the table
As their masters watch them beg

Then they turn and fight each other
Based upon what they’ve been fed

They never read the books
Yet they know everything and more

What they know is what they were told
No need to lift more than a finger

One liners and slogans
Scribbled on a tattered sign

The only thing they can think of
To get what they need done

The whole world is full of bums
They’re everywhere I go

There’s never enough change
As they beg and beg for more

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