Waking up from a coma (Journal Entry)

Realizing what a loser I am on the express bus headed to Harlem.

What have I been doing for the past twenty years? I feel like such a loser… WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH…

It’s all a blur. I know I had goals and dreams, but I squandered most of my time wallowing in misery, drinking, word vomiting on Twatter, sleeping, and making an utter fool of myself. And of course it took a pandemic of social distancing for me to come out of my self-imposed isolation.

Go figger…

I still have not forgotten my dream of starting a revolution. I suppose it’s a good thing I never made a complete fool out of myself on WordPress. However, I’m seriously annoyed that I never even attempted to establish a community on WordPress. I have not so much as read my comments for the entire time I’ve had my blog. All I do is post and forget.


I’m going to hold off on the whole self-shaming conundrum while I try to figure out how to use WordPress. I need to edit my pages and other parts of my site. I have so many ideas and information I want to convey that I continuously jump form one thing to the next without finishing anything. It’s a sickness.

I think I’m going to unfollow certain people who are obsessed with politics. It’s bad for my mental health. I get so annoyed by people who regurgitate whatever they are forcefed. Now is the time for creative thinking not sheepalism.

If you don’t have something new to add to the human experiment then please hit your own mute button until you come up with something original. (Advice I have come to live by).

Viva La Rebellion


  1. Bus rides do make you think. I’ve had several realizations while on a bus, like, why am I here?

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