Season of the Witch (Poem)

Cast your votes then toss the ballots
It’s the season of the witch
When every voice counts

This time will be different
You heard what he said

His potions have power
His words are iron clad

Forget the other guy
He’s a charlatan at best

At worst
He’s a lizard spawned from the depths

We need a good witch to tell us what’s good
God forbid we decide what’s right for our good

God forbid we forget the spell called ‘freedom’
And break free from the slogan that convicts all of treason

For what nation can stand without a king?
What is freedom without so-called democracy?

It’s time to get up
Time to make a change

Time to crown a witch
So we can go back to our cage

It’s the battle for souls
Make America great again

Cast your votes then toss the ballots


  1. Very well written, and true🙏 Faux

    Liked by 1 person

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