Pulling it Together (Journal Entry)

I’ve been holding back on posting anything on social media for the past seven months or so. I was debating whether to post anything at all, but since I’m back on my poetry kick lately I guess it couldn’t hurt to write a quick update about where I’m at in this point of my recovery.

I was kicked off Twitter a second time in Spring for evading my first suspension. I stopped trolling after the first suspension but apparently that doesn’t matter to Twitter. I decided that since I passionately hate Twitter anyway I’m not going to attempt to go back there again. I asked them to reinstate my profile, not because I wanted to continue such a pointless endeavor, but because I had photos on there that were deleted from my phone and I wanted to save them.

I dabbled in Reddit for a while because I feel Reddit users put a lot more thought into their posts. However, I became annoyed that even the seemingly most educated anarchists and communists exhibit a lack of understanding the basic history and logistics of their chosen systems. I have yet to find one person in all my years of studies who comprehends the difference between communism and socialism and how it all relates to anarchism.

I’ve been studying to become a Recovery Support Specialist for a couple of years now. I am developing a field guide and recovery toolbox filled with the overwhelming amount of information I have learned along the way. I plan to incorporate everything I have learned through peer support into my own Anarchist Manifesto that will surely blow minds worldwide.

In the meantime, I am also reading everything I can about anarchism and communism. But this time I am taking notes so I can prove the point I have been arguing for over a decade. I had read many books before, but all my notes were lost in the hurricane that resulted from my addiction and mental health issues.

Right now I’m trying to get a schedule going so I can do everything I need to do. I got a lot done over the summer. I started running, going to meetings, taking dozens of peer support courses. But after I caught Covid a second time, and went back to work shortly after, I haven’t had much time to do anything else. My work hours have been cut down to sixteen per week due to Covid so I should be able to get more done.

Anyhoo, that’s about it. I’m sure nobody cares anyway. I just hope I can pull myself together asap because I know I can achieve something greater than wreckage and heartache.

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