eL LiZARD (Poem)

Look how you talk to me
See what you do

‘They know not’ is not an option
I see better days without the sight of you

“You did this, You did that”
Is all I get from day to day

Everything is an argument
The contradictions blow my riddled mind away

Sometimes I sit and ponder on my ponderer’s thinking fist
Why can’t you see my Wonderbare?
My heavyheartedness?

I weigh it on my Libra scale
But it never turns up bliss

You weigh it down with ridicule
And pompous minded tricks

‘Reptilian’ does not explain your blasphemous state of kind
No lizard on this Earth would ever shun the light that shines

So I’ll take it as I’ve done before
And time and time again

Until you realize who you really are
And earn the prize you win

(Black hole sun, won’t you come, won’t you come, won’t you come)

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