Cosplay (Poem)

There are pills that…

Make you higher
Make you lower
Make you so fast and slower

Bring you laughter
Make you snap to
Realize you did something

Make you happy
Give you side play
Make you sit when you can’t stand

new waters

turns out that the attempt to explain my months of silence with a neat, little summary is an impossible undertaking. what a surprise. how can you recapitulate two entire seasons, half a year, in a few sentences, a couple of paragraphs? my mind is blank, so i’ll start with where i am now– still working in […]

Pulling it Together (Journal Entry)

I’ve been holding back on posting anything on social media for the past seven months or so. I was debating whether to post anything at all, but since I’m back on my poetry kick lately I guess it couldn’t hurt to write a quick update about where I’m at in this point of my recovery.

eL LiZARD (Poem)

Look how you talk to me
See what you do

‘They know not’ is not an option
I see better days without the sight of you

“You did this, You did that”
Is all I get from day to day

Everything is an argument
The contradictions blow my riddled mind away

Sometimes I sit and ponder on my ponderer’s thinking fist

Why can’t you see my Wonderbare?
My heavyheartedness?

Make Life Shine (Poem)

Count the ways
Count the words

Count the wrongs
Count the times

Oh how I count the things that gave my life a little less shine

The words I said but didn’t mean
The words I meant but never said

The times I fell and fell again
Then got back up
Made no amends

Harlem Get Up (Poem)

What’s that smell?
I just ate my vomit

Don’t look now
Here comes Harlem

“Excuse me Mrs.
Can you spare some change?

“Excuse me Mrs.
Can you spare some change?

A donut?
Some soup from the Chinese?

I’m hungry
And tired
And living in hell

Please pay the toll when you come where I dwell…”

A Little Dab Will Do (Poem)

A little dab will do

That’s what we all say
Til that little dab is through

No time for horse play

As we go off to the races
Which one will come first?

The high I desire?
Or my face in the dirt?