On Sabbatical (Journal Entry)

I hate the feeling of let down. It sends a post-traumatic sensation through my mind. Even the slightest hint that something has gone wrong is like the worst thing that could happen in my space and time.

I’ve gotten better at separating feelings from facts. But the facts don’t hide the feelings, just like my right hand never knows what’s going on with my left.

So I’ve decided to take a sabbatical. Detoxing my mind of anything radical. I’m not looking for answers in this place or that. Not asking opinions or seeking to vent.

I’m just going bout my days as though nothing really matters. Social media don’t exist. The US has no President. I don’t care about the Russians or what happened in Nevada. Fake news, fake Jews, fake Christians, fake problems.

I’m just growing up in Spanish Harlem.
Finding my way to the top from the bottom.

That’s what they say when you let go
And that’s what you do on Sabbatical…


  1. You suck


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