My Kaleidoscope (Poem)


I found my silver lining tucked away in sharded glass
Stacks on stacks of broken dre
ams, unfinished goals, uncharted maps

They said that I could find it
If only I could breathe

If only I could hold my breath
Fall on bended knees

‘It works if you work it’
The slogan of the day

So if what works for you don’t work for me
More fool to shame

I tried and tried those pretty lies
for more than I could rest

Each one was more pretentious
more deceiving than the next

So low beheld before my eyes
A mountain I can’t hide

A kaleidoscope of sharded glass
The mirror that don’t lie

My silver lining is so complex
So simple in my mind 

So overwhelming
So unbelieving
So cruel
Yet so divine

As I wade on down that river bend
Beyond the trodden path

Over the mountains
And through the woods

Kingdom Come at last

I’ll carry my kaleidoscope
No more a cross to bear

And wear my silver lining as a crown upon my head


  1. Creative of you… Well done

    Liked by 1 person

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