The Sandy Hook regime has violated Amendments I, II, IV, V and VI


Who could ever forget the Sandy Hook massacre? Out of all the alleged massacres in history, Sandy Hook remains the most photo-opped of them all. The emotionless, seemingly unmoved parents and grade-school children who allegedly lost their children and friends to such a reportedly gruesome attack made every effort to ingrain the victims’ faces into the unwitting minds of the masses.

The point of this post is not to remind everybody of the ridiculousness of this incident. What concerns me is the extreme actions taken by the Sandy Hook regime to silence those who continue to petition for redress of grievances. The Sandy Hook massacre was a highly publicized incident, one that caught the attention of the actual Grand Jury called ‘We The People.’

In their attempt to silence public debate, the Sandy Hook regime has violated Amendments I, II, IV, V and VI. Regardless of whether ‘conspiracy theorists’ are right or wrong is irrelevant in this matter. The Truther community has been deprived of their day in court, in the Grand Jury that stands before the eyes of all. They have had their intellectual property taken from them without compensation, they have endured unreasonable searches and seizures, and they have been convicted as guilty without the right to a jury of their peers.

It has become quite clear where Elitist social media hopes this illegal search and seizure is headed. However, the Elite forgot one tiny little spec of history. One can only push a people against a wall so far… Until the people start pushing back…

Viva la Rebellion

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