Welcome to Judgment Day (Poem)


How did the persecuted become the persecutors? When did the meek become the misers? Since when is hypocrisy the religion of the one true God? The hows and whys are a tale too twisted to fully comprehend. But a wise man once said all truth will be revealed in the end.

The day of judgment is upon us and it’s coming on strong. Judge not or you will be judged by the exact measure of judgment you cast before God.

The kings of the world are reapers of death, yoking heavy loads and heavy burdens on the backs of the ones less fit. The weight of a world that was built by scandal yet the kings of the world won’t lift a panhandle.

As the hordes of sheep who claim Christ is King bend knee to their masters as they kiss the ring. As they do the things they were told not to do and say the things that are hurtful and cruel.

I don’t know how they get off. I don’t know why they stay cheesin. They’re the ones who will burn in the coming of Jesus. Baptized by fire. Every true word ever said will come back to haunt and knock them on their heads.

For their logic is dogma and their ways are full of drama but as day turns to dusk all hell is their karma. And when night turns to dawn and the world passes on and the dust that lingers in the wind starts to calm.

Who can withstand the Day of the Judge? What fool can hold onto malice or grudge? The Judge who stands before us does not discriminate. He demolishes mansions and farms and takes food off all plates.

The unseen and eternal way that things are, are only unseen to those in the fog. In the delusion of a dream that men are like Gods. In the seduction of a fantasy world owned by mobs.

Welcome to Judgment Day. All hail the Court of All. The honorable Judge presides as King. Best to cop a plea than take the fall. Best to do the things that reap life eternal and say the things the sheep never said.

Prosecute the persecutors. Line them up and make their beds. Tell them all the things they done wrong. Reveal the Truth they never had.

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