I hate men (Journal Entry)

i hate men

I hate men. I hate the fact that women are obsessed with the idea of betrothing a man. I hate the fact that men are at the top of the hierarchy simply because they have penises. I fucking hate penises. Yes… They feel good when you’ve got nothing better to do. But who can truthfully say there is nothing better to do?

Have men cleaned the trash out the ocean? Have men brought peace to mankind? As far as I can tell the only thing men have done is make it seem okay to sit around fiddling with our twats as Paradise falls to ruin.

I wake up every day hoping and praying that no man will look my way… Yet I am endlessly consumed with men trying to tell me that ‘life is short… We must have fun… We must seek pleasure…’ What the FUCK does that mean?

Life is short because men are idiots… What is ‘fun’ when Paradise is on its way to ruin? And pleasure? Are you fucking kidding me? I can get more pleasure out of fucking my pillow than I will ever get out of your impulsively ridiculous cock…

So pleaze… Stay the fuck away from me… Keep your dick to yourself… And don’t dare tell me you want to be ‘friends’…

You’re not my friend… You’re not even my enemy… Because ‘enemy’ would suggest you are even on my radar… Just get the fuck out my face…

tHe eNd

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