Psychiatry is shaking us like snow globes (Journal Entry)


What happens when you shake a snow globe? A whirlwind disseminates around whatever masterpiece lies beneath. And as that masterpiece awaits patiently to be revealed, the shaker continues to shake and shake and shake, as though chaos is more amusing than art.

The world is full of trauma, people getting shook. When they go to seek help, they get even more shook. They get locked up in cages and told they are diseased. They spend fifteen minutes with psychiatrists and come out with numerous diagnoses.

Parents, friends, acquaintances galore continue to shake their world as they retreat into the void. They get shook up on the streets, shook up at the doctor, shook up at the funerals, shook up at their jobs.

Shake, shake, shake… That’s the culture of the world. But what if we just stopped, and put the snow globe down. What if we just stopped, and let it all simmer down? What if we asked questions, rather than giving demands? What if we told our own stories, rather than telling others who they are?

What if we sat in discomfort as we respected other’s right to be? What if we offered friendship rather than trying to be the powers that be? What if we just listened? Rather than ignoring the facts?

Nobody knows what is right for us better than us. Nobody knows who we are better than we do. No stranger can diagnose us within fifteen minutes. And there is no proof that anybody has a chemical imbalance.

So let’s just take this moment to let it all settle down. Everyone is a masterpiece too shook to be found. Let’s just make the connections that are lost but can be found. Let’s explore the right to exist on this ground that nobody owns.

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