The Hell that Stands Before You (Poem)


I take it all in
And then I spit it out

Like a hurricane coming
Toward your famine and drought

And as the rain keeps coming
And the sun won’t sun

And the birds won’t sing
And hives all die

I’m a wave to your summer
While you’re at the beach

And skies are clear
And your mind is at ease

And all is good
And you’ll never be had

Until I come down on you
Like Gog and Magag

A shadow in your darkest night
A light that just won’t shine

A halo on your footstool
A thought that keeps you blind

I’m the hell that stands before you
The hell you never knew

As you tread upon the Zion you thought you could subdue

I’m a pit of burning sulfur
Wood stacked higher than Topher

So please do come round my way
Sing your hymns and say your prays

But I ain’t hearing all that
Cuz the one pray I got
Is to get you back

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