Problems in My Head (Poem)


I got problems in my head
Sometimes I say the things I wish I didn’t said

Sometimes I do the things that really make so sense
Sometimes I lay around all day and fart in the bed

I got lizardz in my mind
I can feel them taking over from time to time

Sometimes it feels like my body isn’t mine
At times I feel I got no choice but to die

I got venom in my veins
Bloodfire that shoots before it aims

A forecast of shit that falls like rain
No beginning and no end to all the pain

I got beetles in my gut
The doctor said that I should try to give it up

The more I juice the more I need to make the cut
Seems the sandworm is trying to toe me up

I got problems in my head
I don’t knooow what I said

Hell to pay for what I did
Locked down in my bed

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