Rebirth (Poem)


I died last night
My heart stopped beating as I sank into the void
No light
No darkness
No angels or demons
Just an all-consuming silence that tethered my soul to nothingness
As my soul drifted waywardly
Searching for a new life
I glanced back at my hollow shell
My whole life flashed before my eyes
And for just one perfect moment
I saw the beauty in all my pain
The ups and downs
Hopes and dreams
The vision of triumph serenading across the battered plains
I saw the Phoenix rising from the ashes
Fire healed her broken wings
As she prepared for flight
Sight set fiercely toward her enemies
She belted out a battle cry
The sound of her conviction peeled through the barren skies
And a truce was broken on that silent night
No longer bound to the ways of the world
A new flock had risen
And fire became the air they breathe
As my scorched soul ascended into the inferno
I came to
Reborn in the image of retribution


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