The Wild Side (Poem)

I took a trip on the wild side
Didn’t come back til I lost my mind
Didn’t face facts when I knew it was time
Played my whole hand on booze and wine
I took a stake in the back
Now I can’t relax
I got this thorn in my side
And I can’t unwind

Broken Pieces (Journal Entry)

I can’t tell if it’s me that is broken or if it’s the world that is broken or if my head is stuck in a box. Or maybe the box is all in my head and I can’t escape because the box makes more sense than the world.

Or maybe we’re all just a bunch of broken pieces scattered in a melee of confusion, trying to connect, yearning to transform into an enchanted castle on a hill, fortified with wisdom and built with enduring love.

I’m a Butterfly (Lyrics)

I’m a caterpillar
I won’t stop until I’m full
I’m a butterfly
My chrysalis will set me free
Won’t you take a step back
And watch as I transpire
Into what I am