Pull Your Cards (Poem)


Who am I?
But just a simple girl
A simple girl in such an obscene world

Obscene is this world to such a complex girl
I’m so complex in such a simple world

I take one look at such an obscene world
Just one look
Enough to make me hurl

Then I look into my soul
And I see my life’s goal
A goal so complex it’s like a bottomless hole

A hole full of hatred and corruption and sin
A hole so full I don’t know where to begin

But I got a full deck of cards
So let the game begin

One card for every lie
One card for every Why?

One card for every time
You fools committed a crime

Your cards don’t pose a threat
I’m here
You better fret

I’m a make you see things that you will soon regret
So you better listen up or you gon get what you get

And don’t you send your regards
You deserve no rewards
And I’ll be damned if I let you win this games of cards

Shit! I’ll go blow for blow
Then I’m a steal the show

Just sit back
Fade to black
And watch me pull your cards

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