The Stairway to Serenity (Poem) #WritePhoto


The following poem was inspired by Sue Vincent’s #WritePhoto prompt…

The pathway of destruction is wide
And many are in route

The end looks like the beginning
And the beginning…
A cloud of soot

But the stairway to serenity is more than meets the eye

It spirals up instead of down
And lifts you far up off the ground

The first step is wide
A simple task to catch a grip

But be careful not to stumble
As you take that second leap

The third step is a charm
You’re really going now

But the fourth is not so easy
A couple spills to bring you down

If you made it to the fifth step
What a mountain you have climbed

Just take a breath
Remain persistent
The worst is yet to come

The sixth is overwhelming
Then it’s seven, eight and nine

By the end
You’ll be exhausted
From all the wrong you’ve ever done

The tenth step is your haven
You’ve already done the work

All you need is a little maintenance
to ensure you won’t revert

Eleven is the serenity
you sought but never found

And the last step is your Kingdom
with twelve stars upon your crown


  1. I’ve added thi spoem to the round-up for the relevant week.

    Liked by 1 person

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